Principles of New Psychology

“Minimalize your pain and maximalize your bliss.”

New psychology is more than solving a problem, it is about spreading a positive experience. Life is your game and the world is your playground, which has its rules. We learn them from self-experience. The intention of the new psychology is to improve your experience in every sphere - in your family, work, relationships and in the most important relationship - TO YOURSELF.

New Psychology is more than solving a problem, it is about spreading a positive experience

Life is your game and the world is your playground, which has its rules. We learn them from self-experience. The intention of New Psychology is to improve your life experience in every sphere - in your family, work, partnerships and in the most important relationship - the relationship with yourself.

To some extent, you are already the person you hope to become

341 / 5000 Výsledky prekladov This rate is increasing due to psychotherapy. And thus your satisfaction and well-being. Life pain decreases. Your higher SELF already unconditionally loves you and sees you as a beautiful, good, perfect being and only feels absolute love for you. Even though you don't feel that way. Alignment and unification with the higher SELF is a key goal of the New psychology.

Every person, being and form has its innate value, love and uniqueness

We respect, affirm and lovingly integrate everything that exists as part of unity. Even what the inner judge evaluates as negative, evil and unworthy. Even if we don't like it, it has its undeniable place in the set of everything that is and is an integral part of the unity / game / cycle of life.

Pain is a gift. It points to everything unhealthy, false, which asks for a change or healing

In fact, every pain only pushes you to bliss. It inspires you to look for the right / better / healthier place in life, or a more positive view of things. It always arises when something unhealthy, false, happens in your life that is not in harmony with you. Whenever you deviate from yourself = your true SELF, it hurts. But hell is in the service of heaven. It is necessary to give up what does not belong to you, to harmonize with oneself and to restore a good feeling or balance in life. What hurts grows and is (pre) born into a new, more beautiful form.

It is more important where you go than where you came from

Improving your mental state and well-being is a by-product of your focus on goodness, joy, love, positive creation, and everything you desire. Focusing on what you want is more important than "looking for" or paying too much attention to current difficulties, shortcomings, symptoms and problems and their "solutions." This path is always guided by your own intuition, feelings and strong connection with yourself and your ideas. Self-confidence.

Love and acceptance are the keys to a positive change

I embrace everything in life in love. Only when you understand, accept and love right where you are and what you are like can you go elsewhere. Courage to be with it. New psychology emphasizes the process of understanding, integration and love. You know how to embrace in love or to love only what you recognize as part of yourself.

The essence of everyone and everything is love

Whatever happened to him, whatever you did. It is the core from which we deviate more or less and then return to it. The degree of your suffering is, in fact, the rate at which you deviate in your life from absolute love = your true SELF. It is the extent to which your soul is fragmented and incomplete. New psychology leads you back to yourself, wholeness, authenticity. Back to love.

Take responsibility for everything in your life, as well as for what "happens" to you

Even for what you allow to happen. You can and can't do everything in your life at the same time. You are the author of your own life story, for which you need to take full responsibility, whatever it may be. New psychology helps you to recognize yourself as the creator of your life and all the co-authors and influences that shape your story and strive to change the original scenario in which it unfolds. We go deep in therapy.

The real truth provides relief and healing

If it hurts at first, never mind, enjoy it. Pain is part of current life on Earth. I embrace it, knowing that it has enormous transformational potential. Realizing the truth about oneself and others is one of the keys to happiness. It is the courage to look the truth (yourself) in the eye. The new psychology builds on acceptance and understanding, so the client does not have to be afraid of the truth. He will eventually see himself or others as good, no matter what happens or whatever he does in his life. Everything in the world has a cause and can be understood.

New Psychology empowers

And teaches you to see and use your innate strength and power. If you are disconnected from it, you cannot use it for the benefit of yourself, your world and life. Any force, power, and control from which you (unconsciously) disconnects is often abused against you. Only at full strength can you write the story of your life in full, the way you want it and not the way you don't. Through the process of consciousness of the unconscious, you increase your self-consciousness, heal your soul, renew your wholeness, and more effectively use your innate power over your life.

We recognize more dimensions of being and existence

Classical (scientific) psychology accepts only the mental and physical level of existence and works only with these levels. In addition, the new psychology recognizes and integrates the spiritual level. Without it, the (self) image and treatment is incomplete. The five bodily senses give us only a limited view of what is. However, all dimensions, visible and invisible, are interconnected and must be respected in therapy and not reduced a person only to his body, mind and personality.

New Psychology works with everyone at their level of consciousness

And respects everyone's own path or worldview. We start working together right where you are. Whether you are an atheist, a believer or something in between. And we help as we know and we can increase your current level of (self) consciousness. There exists a student for every teacher and a teacher for every student. We are open to work with those we resonate with, and thus we usually have something to offer.

New Psychology emphasizes on increasing your vibration

Working with the word is actually working with energy. The essence of reality, including you and your relationships, is vibrational (matter is energy vibrating at different speeds => E = mc2). You attract and experience people, events and circumstances complementary to the energy you send out. Your vibration / energy level is affected by your thoughts, downloaded programs and patterns of behavior, and all the events you have experienced in the past, including painful and traumatic events. Your vibrational shift will increase the quality of your relationships and life experiences as a necessary consequence.

New Psychology recognizes the theory of one field, of which we are all part

And what resonates with the field is also captured by it. Change in each of us changes the whole field. You change yourself, you change the whole, which will never remain the same. Your systems, your family. Your world.

We integrate the past and thus change the design of the future

Mostly we cycle through life and repeat history. Sometimes even for a very long time we still live a similar story, only the scene and characters change. Again and again we are hurt by the same or vice versa. It is a process of maturing change, which we can accelerate in therapy. It is necessary to first heal the original (first) injury, which is repeated, forgive (your) wrongs and restore love. In New psychology, we "rewrite the past" through the emotional treatment of traumatic events, getting rid of toxic emotions, and working with a story or "look" at the events that have been experienced.

Consciousness shapes reality. The power of thought / consciousness is great

It is a great creative force - in practice it means that what you believe, you will see. Recurring thoughts and downloaded programs that (unconsciously) control you have the most power over your life. New psychology teaches you to take control of your mind and leads to pure and intentional thinking. And I don't think. He who does not make order in his head and has no control over his mind has no control over his life. Only then will you (stop) producing pain in life and producing unnecessary mental waste. Read the e-book Zero waste in the soul, which is a transcript of a popular lecture on this topic.

Commanding life has a heart, not a mind

Reason is a good servant but a bad master. Do you consult with a servant for almost everything, and do you rely on him as if he had access to the right path for you? The greatest mental illness of Western civilization is the dominance of reason and the inferiority of emotion. Most people suffer from this disease, and New psychology cures people of it. At the same time, it distinguishes a person from a machine precisely in that he feels. Sometimes, however, we look very much like those machines. Not reason, but feelings are our GPS and heart's key governing body. Without it, we're dead. Also alive.

We reveal the illusion of separation, finiteness, imperfection and duality of life

These illusions are an integral part of the dream of a person from whom we all gradually wake up. As long as you dream a dream, you don't know it's a dream. The only true reality is love and everything else is an illusion. A dream about a man. We are one consciousness that is eternal, perfect and very playful 🙂 The intention of the New psychology is to help you forget all the bad dreams that you still dream in your life.

The New Psychology is eclectic, integrative and phenomenological

We integrate into the New psychology all methods that have the potential to help the client mentally, not only "own" or "scientifically confirmed" methods. Gravity existed before it was scientifically proven. We watch, but we do not limit science. As well as creating your own procedures, it is important to be inspired by other helpful therapeutic schools, directions and teachers. The benchmark is a positive experience. You need to be led by your own guidance, experiment and choose cherries from other cakes. Do not stop educating and growing, and in this respect, one's own life is the greatest teacher.

The goal of New Psychology is to activate the client's own internal leadership and resources and to support his self-healing

So that you no longer needs a therapist, pills or anyone but yourself for a full life. To believe and make love. Make the most of your life and everything in it. In this sense, the client, not the therapist, is responsible for ensuring that we go in the right direction together and that he receives the value for which he comes to therapy. The therapeutic process is further based on the therapist's own internal guidance and his insights into the client's situation, which he actively interprets, helps to realize the unconscious and purposefully intervenes to support the client's change for the better.

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