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References from my clients

They Said About My Work

"My life has changed. I came to the first session as a very worried person and today I'm leaving totally satisfied. Even when things are not ideal, I know, what to do now. I have enough strength to handle things and save my marriage."

Who are the sessions and programs for?


  • Clients intending to feel better in life, maximizing their personal well-being and potential
  • Clients interested in improving their relationships and communication (with a partner, a parent, at work...)
  • Clients with a desire to understand and integrate experienced mental injuries or overcome the consequences of traumatic and stressful events
  • Clients interested in physical health (understanding and relieving the mental causes of psychosomatic and physical illnesses)
  • Clients who seek inner freedom, joy and strength and want to support their mental and spiritual growth

Work with individuals and couples

Individuals and couples (of the same or opposite sex)

Online sessions

Online via zoom, skype, facebook, facetime

Price list

Price of Services

Introductory individual or couple session
The aim of the introductory session is to understand your situation and to suggest the most suitable therapeutic procedure (100 minutes)
150   €
Individual session
Individual therapeutic session (50 minutes)
70 - 80 € *
* In agreement with MARCI it is possible to get a lower price (in special situations, for retired clients, students and parents on parental leave)

Like at home 

My Practice or "Sitting Room" 

The therapy takes place in pleasant attic spaces right in the heart of Bratislava

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